FX Soft Chews


An evolution of our classic Ozone gummy line, now expertly formulated with minor cannabinoids for an effect-based experience. Enjoy the familiar delicious flavors you know and love, designed to enhance life’s moment – anytime, anywhere, for anyone.

Available in three mouth-watering flavors.

Boosting Green Apple (THC:THCV 1:1)
The gummies you want when you wanna boost. Boost your drive. Boost your ambition. Boost your vigor. Unleash your inner power, like the energy of an action-packed city. Your everyday fuel for moments that need an extra lift.

Pairs best with:
• Running errands
• Pre-workout
• Action-packed adventures

Balancing Blood Orange – THC:CBG 1:2
The gummies you want when you wanna balance. Balance life. Balance work. Balance
yourself. Find harmony within, like effortlessly balancing on stones in a Zen garden. Your
everyday equilibrium for absolute clarity.

Pairs best with:
• Yoga or meditation sessions
• De-stressing
• Self-reflection time

Restoring Blue Raspberry – THC:CBD 1:1
The gummies you want when you wanna restore. A fresh day. A fresh start. A fresh you.
Time to come back strong, like a sun rising over a mountain top. Your everyday companion to revitalize after a long day.

Pairs best with:
• Post-workout recovery
• Sunday self-care rituals
• End-of-day undwinding