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New Red, White & Berry soft chews and Summer Smokes pre-rolls now available in select states for a limited time.

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The name says it all. This hybrid beauty brings together the taste of sweet apples with a hint of creaminess, creating a flavor profile that's both comforting and delightful. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or seeking creative inspiration Apple Truffle's versatility shines through. 🍎✨

21+ | NFS | Educational
Shots from the grow room! 📸

21+ | NFS | Educational
We'll be at @necannacon in Atlantic City, NJ with @simplyherbbrand Friday and Saturday. Meet the team, grab some swag, and build community with us!

See ya there, buds! 

21+ | Educational | Not for sale
Have you snagged your LDW23 essentials yet? 🌟 Don't let the summer slip away without trying this exclusive flavor 🌤️

Find them at @ascend.nj +

21+ | Educational | Not for sale
is there anything spookier than starting fall early? 

PSLV coming so0o00o000n 👻

21+ | Educational | Not for sale
When there is an Ozone j in the rotation and it’s almost your turn. 

*a snippet from our party in NJ earlier this year! 

21+ | Educational | Not for sale
🌿💨 From seed to smoke, we're cultivating good vibes and even better strains.

21+ | Educational | Not for sale